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Our love story with Aromatherapy started when my second baby girl came in to the world. When she was 1 month old we noticed she had sever “scalp seborrhea”. We tried every shampoo and eczema cream that we could find and nothing helped. At least 6 times we removed the dandruff and it always came back after a week. Hopeless, we reached out to my husband’s relative who is an aroma therapist, she immediately knew exactly what the problem was and recommended us to use Tea Tree oil on my baby`s scalp in order to remove the Seborrhea. Well, it worked like magic! From this day on I learned more about the aromatherapy associated with essential Oils and created our Bath Bomb. Each Bath Bomb includes a variety of essential oils that each one of them uniquely assists with our day to day challenges. Those magical Bath Bombs actually created an amazing bath experience for both of my little ones; each bath time is a fun experience of choosing the special bath bomb.
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Paddle tennis is a recreation tailored from tennis and played for over a century. Compared to tennis, the courtroom is smaller and has no doubles lanes, and the net is lower.
Mr. Muhammad Faisal may be the holder of 4 World Records in Memory. He could be an authority of Memory Techniques, Speed Maths and Sat Vocabulary. He`s a normal consultant with India`s leading newspaper, The days asia.
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